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The Biggest Industrial Equipment Brands on the Market

Choosing only top-notch brands, Standard Industrial Supply Co., Inc. offers a variety of high-quality, industrial supplies and equipment. We are a full-line distributor for Meyers, Trynex, Husqvarna, and other leading manufacturers. We carry it all and receive new products on a weekly basis. Get what you need, when you need it from our Wilmington, Delaware, team. Our store carries the following brands:

• Husqvarna
• Buckingham Manufacturing
• Meyers
• Buyers
• Trynex
• Diamond
• Spyker
• SaltDogg
• Milwaukee
• Makita
• Winco
• Irwin

Snow & Ice Control Equipment

Our most popular snow removal equipment is the spreaders and their parts. However, we get an assortment of new items in all of the time. Available equipment includes:

• Hydraulic Pumps
• Diamond Snow Plows
• SaltDogg Spreaders
• S.A.M Snow Plow Parts
• Spyker Walk behind Spreaders
• Aftermarket Manufacturing Parts

Industrial & Contractor Supplies

Perfect for professional use, our safety supplies and equipment make the work day a little smoother. Standard Industrial Supply Co., Inc. offers a variety of parts so that you can get everything you need to improve your daily production flow. This includes:

• Power Tools
• Winco Generators
• Blowers
• Chainsaws
• Hand Tool Accessories
• Pliers
• Saws
• Screwdrivers
• Snips
• Tubing Cutters
• Utility Knives
• Wrenches
• Tarps
• Generators
• Canvas
• Nylon
• Material Handling Items
• Hand Truck Dollies
• Brooms
• Shovels
• Hard Hats
• Helmets
• Safety Goggles
• Job Boxes
• Tool Boxes
• Other Hardware & Equipment 
Yellow Industrial Equipment

Arborist Supplies

Our Wilmington, Delaware, company carries a huge selection of arborist supplies, including Husqvarna products, which is one of the oldest and most sought-after brands in the world. We only distribute supplies from top-of-the-line manufacturers. Our tools and equipment include:

• Brush Cutters
• Edgers
• Grass Shears
• Hedge Trimmers
• Mist Blowers
• Pole Pruners
• Rakes
• Climbing Sols
• Tree Sols
• Safety Equipment
• Safety Belts
• Tree Ropes
• Hand Saws
• Tree Saws
• Chainsaws
• Rigging & Pulleys